Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter

Who We Are

As a non-profit animal welfare and adoption organization, the Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter exists to provide a haven for homeless and unwanted cats and dogs until their forever homes can be found.  Some of our animals come to us as strays who would have not survived very long on their own. Others find their way to us through situations where their previous owner can no longer care for them. Regardless of their journey to our door…once inside they are provided with warm and wonderful care. read more …

Connect With US

Shelter Location: 118 Kinnelon Road Kinnelon, NJ 07405 Adoptions by appointment

Showings at PETCO: Saturdays 11AM – 2PM


Telephone: 973-283-4120

Mailing Address: 2 Kiel Avenue – #252, Kinnelon, NJ 07405 read more … 

Why Donate

So often when the KVAS volunteers look into the eyes of the dogs and cats at the animal shelter, they see sheer gratitude. Other times, it comes by way of a timid lick on the hand or a roaring purr. It comes from the abandoned kitten or an old, skinny and tired dog found wandering on a local street. It is their way of saying “Thanks for taking us in when no one else wanted us; and thanks for giving us a second chance at life“. read more …