Happy Tails

We love to share stories about our animals who have found their forever homes! 

These are definitely Happy Tails!!

KVAS reached out to the community asking for help for MAUI, our very special 3-legged miracle.  This one year old male cat was found wandering outside and was brought to the Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter (KVAS) with 3 good legs and one badly damaged one. (We cannot be certain what caused his injury, but he is a poster cat for keeping your domestic cats INDOORS.) MAUI needed surgery and so many of you responded with your emotional and financial support to help make this a reality.  Maui went to his forever loving home in Denville! Here’s a link to the Triboro Patch article about MAUI.


Our feature article in the 2012 edition of the KVAS newsletter introduced you to LUCKY (formerly MAUI), our three-legged miracle. For those who were wondering how he is doing, we are pleased to report that he is thriving in his forever home. His “parents” spoil him to no end. First, there was the new “Dutch-door” which allowed for better bird-watching and the warm summer breezes to caress his gorgeous fur. Then, there was LUCKY’s second birthday party to which KVAS was invited! That was followed by another celebration to recognize the first anniversary of his adoption. Neighbors, friends and family often stop by just to visit with LUCKY who has become a neighborhood celebrity. We are so very happy that we were able to save this wonderful cat…with the help of so many generous donors. LUCKY thanks-you and we thank-you!


Lucky the three legged cat LUCKY’s celebrity status seems to know no bounds. He is now the subject of a Kindle book/poem being sold on Amazon and 20% of the proceeds from sales are being donated to the Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter. LUCKY apparently knows the meaning of “Paying-It-Forward” as does the book’s author Irene Rumiancew. Irene is a friend of LUCKY’s adopters and wrote a poem for them from LUCKY’s eyes. Despite his disability, LUCKY had impressed Irene with his playfulness, energy and down-right cuteness. The poem became a book selling on Amazon for $2.99 and contains a link to KVAS’ website so that those learning of LUCKY though the Kindle book/poem can read more about him in our 2012 Newsletter. To order the Kindle book, go to http://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Three-legged-Cat-Tells-story-ebook/dp/B00U4MEPKA/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1425412804&sr=1-1&keywords=Lucky+the+three+legged+cat

Adopted cats

Holly wrote to tell us about these two cuties, Leo & Emma (formerly Giovanni & Gemma).  They were found behind an italian restaurant in 2011 and rescued by KVAS.  Holly says they are the nicest, most personable cats she’s ever had.  And don’t they seem so happy up on their high perch?

Diane wrote to us to let us know how her talkative tortie, Cassidy (formerly Dolly) is doing: “The Diva formly known as Dolly is doing very well and sends her love to all her shelter friends.  I can see that she is feeling much more secure and comfortable and that is bringing out whole new aspects of her wonderful personality.  Cassidy has finally realized that being a cuddle-kitty is a good thing…she will now lay on my chest when I am watching TV and will stay there for a good while, purring her head off.”

We received a wonderful letter from adopters Ron & Betty:  Thank you for bringing our wonderful Michael and Toby into our lives!  They are incredible, and we love to pet and play with them, and they purr all day long!  It’s easy to see how they are brothers.  A big thank you to Elaine (volunteer) for all of her help, and to Dee (volunteer), for telling us about them on Christmas Day!  You made it the best Christmas ever when you mentioned the boys were up for adoption!  They are happy in their new home and eating lots and playing with toilet paper and ping pong balls and mice too!

Sonny & Skye   These two are too cute!  Sonny & Skye are siblings whose foster mom always said they should stick together.  Happily for us and them, they were adopted together.  Their new mom says they can’t be separated. Such a happy story for these two!       Bubbles & Bohdi celebrate their 1st birthday in their new home (June 2012).  Affectionately called Bubs and BoBo, the adoptive family loves all the kisses and cuddles they get to share with this lucky brother and sister.   Adopted dog, BentleyBentley our 5 year old Cattle Dog mix was passed over by all potential adopters for just about 2 years until his new mom moved from California and wanted an active, alert companion to share her life with. Another wonderful beginning for Bentley who now gets to travel around New Jersey with his new mom. Here he is enjoying a day at the beach. What a lucky boy and another happy ending! Adopted dog, ReillyReilly gets adopted! It was a wonderful Christmas 2011 for Reilly our Labrador mix and KVAS when she found her forever home with her new dad on 14 acres of land in Warwick, New York! After two years, not only does she now have a grand new place to run about, but gets to go to work every day with her new Dad. A fitting beginning for this great gal!