How to Adopt

Begin the process by completing an Adoption Application. Animals are adopted on a best-fit basis. Completing an application is not a guarantee that adoption will be approved. The completed application will be thoroughly reviewed and will help KVAS to determine if the animal you have selected is a good fit for you. For planning purposes, please expect the Application Review Process to take up to one week.

What will we be looking for in the Application Process? First and foremost, KVAS wants our animals to be placed with responsible pet owners in an environment that best suits both the animal and their prospective owner. If you have previously owned a pet, we will be looking to verify a history of regular veterinary care and vaccinations. We also need to assure ourselves that the animal’s special needs will be well met. For example, because we know our animals personally, a fenced-in yard may be a requirement for a certain dog, or we may have determined that an animal may not be suited for a home with children under a certain age. Since the animals cannot speak for themselves…KVAS becomes their voice. We know each animal’s needs and special requirements and we work to ensure that these will be satisfied in their new home. As such, requirements must be met at the time of application. These requirements are established for the care and well-being of the animal and for general safety purposes. Our 40+ years of experience have taught us that the most successful adoptions are those where the needs of the animals are carefully considered along with the desires of prospective adopters. We want every adoption to last a lifetime, and our thorough Adoption Process helps to ensure this.

Adoption Fees: Although we consider all KVAS animals to be priceless… Fees for dogs range from $150 to $300 depending on the age and breed. The fee to adopt a cat or kitten ranges from $90 – $160.  Spay certificates are available for $100 and neuter certificates are $50. Again, the review process can take several days, depending on many different factors. Once your adoption has been approved, we will contact you regarding taking your new pet home. Forrest, Fletcher, and Finn cat siblings 2013 Coming soon!  Click here to download a copy of the Cat/Kitten Adoption Application Coming soon! Click here to download a copy of the Dog Adoption Application