How to Choose Your Pet

First, think about your lifestyle. Whether you are considering a dog, cat, or kitten, ask yourself (and all the members of your household) these basic questions:

How to choose a pet

• “Do I (and the members of my household) have the time to commit not only to the animal’s basic needs, but also to establishing a lasting relationship with this pet?”

• “Am I in the right financial position to provide quality food, supplies and veterinary care for this pet…for the long haul?”

• “What about allergies?”

• “Does my living arrangement (lease/rental agreement etc.) allow for pets?”

• “Will this dog or cat be well-suited to all members of the household?”

• “Do I/we have the appropriate indoor and/or outdoor space for this animal?”

Remember… with any pet, you are making a commitment to care for your four-legged companion for its entire life which may be 5, 10,15 years or more!

When you are done with the basics…be sure to consider the animal’s temperament and the uniqueness of their breed. This will help you to adopt the right animal for you, your lifestyle and living situation.

Then, take a look at the KVAS animals on Petfinder and see if any capture your interest. When one does (and we are sure that they will), stop by the KVAS shelter for a visit or call for an appointment. Come meet your new best friend!