Foster an Animal

Foster an Animal from KVASSometimes one or more of our animals needs a little something more than we can provide at the shelter. It may be a mother cat with newborns, kittens with no mother to wean them, or a cat or dog who just needs more socializing (and snuggles ) than our volunteers can offer within the four walls of the shelter.


Whatever the case, opening your home (and your heart) to an animal with the full knowledge that the animal you care for, will one day leave, is the ultimate act of human kindness.

No doubt that when the time comes for your foster to move on, the parting will be bittersweet but the sheer joy of seeing the animal heading off to their Forever Home simply can’t be beat.

Are you one of those very special people who can be a foster parent to a KVAS animal?  
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call KVAS at 973-238-4120

Foster Application/Contract (coming soon!)