Lost (& Found!!!!!)

We hope that this is never the case, but if your pet is ever missing, we encourage you to contact your town’s Animal Control Officer immediately.

In Kinnelon, NJ call Animal Control at (973)838-8959 or your local non emergency police.

In addition, you may wish to provide KVAS with a complete description of the animal (and a recent picture), along with your contact information by emailing us at shelter@kvasnj.org . We are sometimes contacted about found animals and may be able to reunite missing pets with their owners. Of course, the best way to ensure that your pet is returned to you is to microchip your animal(s). Contact your veterinarian for further information. Also, have your contact information including cell phone number and email address on your pet’s collar ID tag.

Below are the procedures we recommend you follow when looking to find a lost pet.

KVAS Lost Pet Procedure:

We at KVAS deal with lost pets on a daily basis. It is heartbreaking and we hope it never happens, but there are steps you can follow in an effort to find your pet.

  1. Prepare a poster of your lost pet including a detailed description, along with a picture, if possible, of your pet. This information should include: pet type (dog/cat, etc). Age, appearance, pet name, address and date it went missing and under what circumstances. Describe demeanor –i.e. friendly or shy but will come with food. Include any contact information in case someone finds the animal. Do not reveal too much information in this flyer as you do not want prank calls.
  2. Call your local police non emergency number and report the missing pet with the information as noted above, Continue to call on a daily basis to ensure that each dispatcher is aware of the loss. Ask if you can bring signage down to post.
  3. Call Animal Control at 973/838-8959 and leave a message. Bring a poster down to them to advertise the loss. Visit the ACO location to see what pets have recently been brought in. Their location is 23 Brandt Lane Bloomingdale, NJ 07403.
  4. Call all local veterinarians and notify them of the missing animal. Post a flyer if allowed.
  5. Call local animal shelters and notify them of the missing animal. Post a flyer or send an email with the information.
  6. Post the information on your Facebook page or any other social media outlet that you can. This is a powerful and far reaching tool.


  • Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter – 973/283-4120
  • Tri Boro Animal Welfare  (Butler) – 973/831-5555
  • West Milford Animal Shelter – 973/728-2859
  • Pequannock Animal Shelter – 973/835-3980
  • Wayne Animal Shelter – 973/728-2859
  • Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge – 201/337-5180
  • PATCH – 973/835-7202


  • Kinnelon Veterinary Hospital – 973/492-5413
  • Sova Animal Hospital (Butler) – 973/838-5528
  • Butler Veterinary Hospital – 973/850-6300
  • Ringwood Animal Hospital – 973/835-1112
  • Bloomingdale Animal Hospital – 973/838-4141
  • Denville Animal Hospital – 973/852-3196
  • Animal Care Center of New Jersey – 973/835-3733

When the animal is found, remember to contact all notified parties and remove any posted signs.